I was a member of Prof. Mark Bellgrove’s group at the School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University. I mostly worked from the EEG/eye-tracking lab, though the group also have a fully equipped human molecular genetics lab and perform MRI acquisition at Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI). My research involved strong collaborative ties with Dr Redmond O’Connell from the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and Dr Ger Loughnane from the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering.

Photo taken during the first ever test run of the new EEG system which I set up (Brain Product’s BrainAmpDC) in Jan 2013

My PhD supervisors were Prof. Mark Bellgrove (Monash University) and Dr Redmond O’Connell (Trinity College Dublin)

Geneticist Dr Ziarih Hawi teaching me about polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis in our molecular genetics lab (left). Prof. Mark Bellgrove and I examining data in our EEG/eye-tracking lab (right).