Trip Finished

I have just finished a long holiday vagabonding around Asia and South America (Brazil) with my wonderful wife, Amy.

The trip was planned to last 11 months, but we cut it short to 9.5 months due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We have just arrived back in Melbourne and have started a compulsory 14-day self-isolation.

I felt like taking a few minutes to reflect and write a short blog looking back over the last 9 and half months.

And what an amazing 9.5 months it has been! We were lucky enough to visit diverse cultures across 11 countries (Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Brazil) and get to know (and reconnect with) many wonderful people. We experienced so much amazing nature, sights, foods and people, too much to list here.

But on reflection, the trip wasn’t all about touring, eating and hanging out with new and old friends – I also made some large achievements and learned productive life skills along the way. I will try to take stock of them in the list below:

  • learned to surf
  • created a personal investment strategy
  • taught Amy some programming
  • learned to meditate as a habit
  • made a daily 12 min exercise routine a habit
  • learned to speak a little Mandarin Chinese
  • read excellent books
  • walked amazing hikes
  • worked on marriage foundations
  • skied powder snow
  • reconnected with old friends/colleagues living abroad
  • figured out my personal strengths and weaknesses
  • created a personal mission statement

It feels good to think back on some of these achievements and skills that I gained while we travelled around Asia and Brazil. I feel ready to be back home in Australia and enjoy the next chapter of life!